New Proton Waja based on Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0GT

January 14, 2010 at 2:18 pm (Proton)

According to the business weekly paper, the Edge (week of 23rd Feb 2009), Proton will be releasing the new Proton Waja 1.8l, which is a rebadged version of the Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0l in 2010.

Further refinement is currently underway. The looks will be different from the Lancer and spot its own characteristics.

But one things for sure, the mechanical aspect and design is all Mitsubishi. Let’s hope the assembly is of quality.

This also means that Proton is now effectively in the business as a car assembler rather than car manufacturer. There is effectively minimum difference between Perodua (backed by Toyota/Daihatsu) and Proton (Mitsubishi).

Did i say they will also price the 2010 Proton Waja (aka Mitsubishi Lancer) at 80k???

itulah yang dilaporkan oleh beberapa media kebelakangan ini..

ianya bukan lagi menjad rumour ke apa.. tapi ianya adalah satu realiti!!

This Mitsubishi Lancer was spotted by reader, Mr. Muaz in Kuala Lumpur in Kuala Lumpur. As we can see, the front bumper were black  while the rear is grey. The most noticable is the trading plate which is nicely mounted which is something like B2???A variation.This could be Proton’s new Waja replacement based on Mitsubishi Lancer tested on road.

If this spyshot could be the Waja replacement, then it would pretty much be a Lancer with only minor changes on the exterior. lets just wait to see the final products of the proton-Mitsubishi’s collaboration as the expected launching for the Waja replacement should be around 2010-2011. The most interesting part of the collaboration is the discussion about rebadging Proton Persona and proton Exora as a Mitsubishi. If this going perfectly, Proton cars might be sold all across Mitsubishi markets such as Japan and United States. Such as amazing Proton.

And at the end of 2008, Proton finally announced to Bursa Saham Malaysia that it has entered into the product collaboration program with Mitsubishi Motor Corporation, Japan. As the following is the scope of the product collaboration :

  • A Development Agreement, to develop a new Vehicle Model for PROTON based on details of work, target specifications, job sharing and time schedule as determined by both parties (”Licensed Product”).
  • A Licence Agreement, where MMC grants PROTON a non-exclusive license to use technical assistance and patents solely for the purpose of utilization of technical information for restyling, modification and improvement work, manufacturing of local parts, assembling, selling and after sales services / support of the Licensed Product to be sold under PROTON’s trademark and styling; and
  • An Engineering Services Agreement, wherein MMC will provide the work and services for PROTON’s manufacturing of the Licensed Product.

StarBiz revealed that the Mitsubishi vehicle to be provided to Proton is the new Lancer, which will be used to replace the Waja. Other proposed areas that Mitsubishi and Proton are in discussions about include the rebadging of the Persona and the 2009 Proton MPV as a Mitsubishi in certain markets and the joint development of an A-segment hatchback which is still in a discussion level.

Mitsubishi Lancer latest facelifted GT2.0. Last July, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has launched the new facelift for the Mitsubishi Lancer in Malaysia which is the Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT.Nothing much different with the previous one but you can notice that the front bumper has been re-profiled.It has bolder look radiator grille with a chrome outline.It really looks like the Evolution.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) had launched an additional version of the sleek Mitsubishi Lancer which has a sportier appearance. Known as the Lancer 2.0GTS, it has additional body accessories such as a side skirts, carbonfibre design rear spoiler, rear air diffuser under a bolder-looking bumper and 18-inch light alloy rims with a unique Gun Metal finish (215/45 tyres).

Inside, the upholstery is high-class Nappa leather with the front seats having red and orange stitching while the gearshift knob is leather-wrapped as well.

i am so wondering why Mitsubishi had launched their model with facelifting in just two years. Maybe this is their strategy to pull out Mitsu Lancer from Malaysia market to give Proton new model based on Lancer platform big opportunities to hit Malaysia market.  Actually, this limited Lancer editon was a last model before Proton launching Proton new Waja in secondhalf 2010 thi years. Also heard rumours that Mitsu Lancer not selling well because need to fight with same class car like  highest quality Honda Civic, economical Corolla Altis and luxurious Nissan Sylphy. So they can took chance grabbing profit with collaboration with Proton. What a great agreement sight…?

so people out there who got not enough money to buy Lancer, wait for Proton new waja. Personally, this cars will make debut and hit our market. Starting this year, our road will full of Lancer rebadge and who is MMC car crazy, just buying this model and do not changing or transform this model to Lancer. Proud to be Malaysian and proud to buy Malaysia brands. Hope someday, they can put Campro Turbo under new waja hood maybe..;))


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Welcome to my totally car crazy

January 14, 2010 at 1:24 pm (All about me)


1st of all, aku ingin berkongsi pengetahuan sementelaah aku melihat industri automotif bukan sahaja di Malaysia malahan di arena global.. kecenderungan aku lebih kepada local automotif, i mean of course Proton and Perodua and Naza and so on..

hope anda semua akan melihat blog dari satu persepktif nilai sebagai seorang car crazy~


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